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The main objective of our family is to highlight the typical qualities of the grapes of the Valpolicella area through the research of unique flavours and perfumes that are able to give a special distinctiveness to our wines.

Sustainability, curiosity and the uncompromising will to respect the rhythms dictated by nature and to support the vocation and identity of each single vineyard are the principles which allow us to achieve high value and emblematic wines, which stand out for their finesse and personality.

Indeed, in order to allow the more discerning wine lovers to enjoy these special treasures of the Valpolicella area, our winery has striven for many years to offer products that are incomparable examples of their terroir: original products that are highly recognizable and distinguishable from mass-produced wines. Our production is also unique thanks to the particular characteristics that it displays and which makes unmistakable the expression of the environment we live in, and where the winegrower represents the guardian.

Therefore, the choice to work without compromise is the result of the firm belief that the quality of wine is created, at first, in the vineyard. The parcels have been carefully developed so as to contain only the main indigenous grape varieties of the Valpolicella area (such as Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella and Oseleta) and to recover venerable native grapes fallen into disuse, reinterpreted with modern techniques and trained by using the Double Low Pergola and Espalier systems.

We harvest all the production by hand. The grapes destined for making Recioto and Amarone are scrupulously selected in the vineyard and laid down with gentle care – bunch by bunch – in the shallow crates before to be placed in the drying lofts in the highest floors. The process is carried on with the most natural conditions, by intercepting the dry breezes blowing from the hills, or under controlled conditions of ventilation and humidity when the weather is less favourable.

At Brunelli, tradition goes hand in hand with the most avant-garde winemaking technology: vinification is carried out in new stainless steel tanks that are specially designed for the fermentation.

Particular attention has always been devoted, too, to the wines’ maturation, which takes place in our cellar, twenty-five steps down, in traditional oak casks and in barriques. Whether they are for immediate drinking or for aging, our wines are meant to be not just the ambassadors for the special characteristics of the Valpolicella area, but also the mirror of our personality.

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